The FarmCorp is a F2B2B, F2B model

The FarmCorp initiative has been envisaged to empower farmers,digitize agriculture and allied sector value chain with simple, affordable & innovative technologies.

The objective is "To Connect Farmers with Business and vice versa Globally through simple cost-effective Technology".

The FarmCorp has solution to digitize pre and postharvest phases and it meticulously combine E-Commerce through aggregator.


Addressing Input Availability and affordability for smallholder farmers

The FarmCorp is trying to address the core issue of availability of genuine inputs at appropriate price points, at the doorstep of farmers through aggregator marketplace model.


Addressing Market linkage for smallholder farmers

Provides market linkage to smallholder Farmers who can directly upload the products along with quality specification on the marketplace. The aggregator or lead farmers or the farmers organizations help in product aggregation, provide infrastructure and logistic support and scout for potential buyers.


A single solution for multiple requirements

There are challenges being faced by the industry in adoption of technology for digitalizing the entire value chain, as it need to partner with multiple technology providers. Sometimes there are challenges in measuring the impact of technology as well.


Soil a key impact area for climate smart solution

The optimum amount of nutrient application, time of application and measuring the environment impact is a key challenge.

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We are working with farmers, dealers , suppliers and organisation who are working with farmers.

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We have some great, ideal talented staff

The core team are from Agriculture, AgTech and IT and rural domain and have vast and diversified expertise in understanding the agribusiness and value chain, and global exposure in project roll out. The team has advisories.

Robust Design, Creative Idea and Development Solutions

⊷ Easily adaptable by individual farmers as well as businesses.

⊷ Designed for easy adaptability by both small as well as large organizations and the impact of technology can be measured.

⊷ Latest technology adopted to provide seamless solutions by integrating satellite, hardware and machine learning tools.

⊷ Covers the entire value chain right from pre-harvest to post-harvest, adopts weather technologies, customization and up-gradation in sync with international value chains.


We have designed, developed some great projects

Value chain solution: Complete digitization of the entire value chain, both pre and post-harvest.

Market place: Aggregator marketplace for inputs and output under one platform.

Livelihood and sustainability initiatives: the platform provides solution for livelihood enhancement and promote sustainable crop products.

Traceability: supply chain management and produce traceability for greater food safety.


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OVERSEAS - Nigeria, Uganda

BRANCH - Jaipur

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